What Is Lupus?
What's In This Section
All About Lupus
Who Diagnoses Lupus?
How Is Lupus Diagnosed?
Lupus May Take Years to Diagnose
How Is Lupus Treated?
How Lupus Impacts a Life
What Does Lupus Cost?
Myths and Misperceptions
Introduction: Sections coming soon.

   This section will offer comprehensive information about lupus as a disease. It will include how lupus is diagnosed, who has the special training to diagnose it, what tests may confirm a diagnosis, and what treatments are used currently to bring lupus under control, stabilize it, or manage it over time.

    We provide this information for people who have lupus, their families, people who know someone who has lupus, and anyone who simply wants to understand what is and is not lupus. We also include a list of “myths and misperceptions” about lupus.

   Some of the questions addressed in this section are:

  • Why is lupus considered “the most complex of all diseases”?
  • What is an “autoimmune” disease?
  • Who gets lupus?
  • What symptoms might someone with lupus have?
  • What is a “flare”?
  • Can lupus go into remission or go away?
  • Is lupus contagious?
  • Can lupus run in families or be inherited?
  • What are “lupus-related” syndromes?
  • How many different “types” of lupus are there?
  • What problems might occur with lupus and pregnancy?
  • Do we know what causes lupus?
  • What can trigger lupus?
  • Who diagnoses lupus?
  • How is lupus diagnosed?
  • Are there special blood tests that can diagnose lupus?
  • Why does a diagnosis take so long?
  • How is lupus treated?
  • Do lupus treatments have side effects?
  • What is fact and what is fiction about lupus?