Katherine M. Snider
President & Editor-in-Chief
Rheuminations, Inc.
Dear Visitors,

Welcome to the DxLupus website!

This is a website designed and created for people who have lupus, those who share their lives, those who care for them, and everyone who wants to know more about lupus.

Highlights include:

  • Interviews with patients and family members who share information about their own experiences with lupus
  • Interviews with well-known doctors and researchers about their own research and how they view the future of lupus research
  • Streaming videos from two major lupus conferences offering presentations from world-class clinicians and scientists
  • An animation that explains lupus in an easy-to-understand format

We have provided a “How to Use This Site” section to make getting around as easy as possible.

All videos on our website are specially formatted for high and low bandwidth, including dial-up. We also have included text and audio versions of our videos.

Please take the time to look around. Click on the main sections to learn what kind of information will be coming to you in future launches. Explore the icons at the top of the page.

We are looking forward to DxLupus’s future growth and your involvement in helping us make this a website that understands what it is like to live with lupus.

We hope you will find this more than just a website about lupus as a disease. This is also a website about lupus as an experience. Come share the journey with us.

Stephen A. Paget, MD
Medical Editor
Chairman of the Division of Rheumatology
Hospital for Special Surgery
New York, New York
Dear Visitors,

DxLupus is a website that was made with you, as someone who has lupus, in mind every step of the way. We have painstakingly focused on delivering to you and those who are close to you the most accurate information possible, and in a manner that cares about and responds to your individual needs and feelings.

We have tried to concentrate the complex issues surrounding lupus into easy-to-understand morsels of information, in a format that is easily read and understood. Web pages have been designed to make them easy to use and to support the personal needs of people with lupus. This includes appreciating that some people may need larger type to help with blurry vision and others may prefer a short, easy-to-read page with less information on one day and a longer page with more detail at another time.

Being the complex illness lupus is, it can have an impact upon a wide range of medical and personal parts of your life. Thus, our focus is on the whole person, including their health-related issues, physical and emotional needs, family and social relationships, and the ways they cope with the limits that lupus brings to their lives, their schooling, or their workplace.

Here you will find interviews with patients and their family members who share some of your experiences. You can learn from the ways they cope with problems similar to those you may face, and you can come back again and again to appreciate different aspects of the messages that are being shared with you by other people with lupus.

Today, medical knowledge and science are exploding, especially in the area of lupus. Whether you choose transcript and sound or streaming video, DxLupus aims to bring you the most current scientific information presented by experts in their areas.

You will be updated about current trends in lupus research, including the latest on new or upcoming lupus treatments and how they might be used. We have collected information from the best and brightest in lupus care and research so that we can bring this information to you, any time, any place, just by visiting us at DxLupus. We have created high standards for accuracy in all components of this site.

Here, you can become an informed consumer. This website hopes to open up the world of lupus for you so that you can become a partner with your physician in all aspects of your treatment and healthcare.

Please consider this your website and visit us often. What may be less important to you today may become far more important tomorrow. We are always here for you and your loved ones.