I Love Someone with Lupus
What's In This Section
My Spouse
My Child
My Sibling
My Parent
My Grandparent
My Friend
Introduction: Sections coming soon.

   This section provides information to you based upon the relationship you have with a person who has lupus. You may be the spouse, sibling, close friend, parent, or adult child of someone with lupus. Whichever important supporting role you have or choose, you will be offered a variety of useful information about lupus, how it may affect the person you care about, and your own life as well.

   Whatever role you play in the life of a person with lupus, we will provide you with the following information:

  • Lupus as a disease
  • How stress affects a person with lupus
  • Physical limitations
  • Emotional changes that occur and how to support them
  • How lupus is treated
  • Common side effects
  • How your own needs and feelings may be affected
  • Changes in your role and responsibilities
  • Understanding how your different coping “styles” may mesh or clash
  • How to communicate your own needs and feelings
  • How to create a support network in general and during flares

   Lupus affects the lives of family members and those who are close to them in similar and different ways. It is important to know how to work through issues that may arise, to be able to communicate with each other, and to understand and allow for each other’s needs and feelings.