I Know Someone with Lupus
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   You may know a student or classmate who has lupus. You may work with someone who has lupus. You may have a neighbor who has lupus.

   This section will provide basic information about lupus as a disease and how it may affect a person’s life.

   Lupus is a chronic disease which affects each person differently. The pain, fatigue, and memory problems that more commonly affect a person with lupus are not always visible to others. Lupus patients often look surprisingly healthy even when their lupus is more active. Because the symptoms may come and go, lupus can be confusing to people who do not know about it.

   When someone looks healthy but has “invisible” symptoms or limitations, it may be difficult for others to understand:

  • Why a worker with lupus may need reasonable accommodations at times when their lupus is more active
  • Why a student with lupus may request an extended deadline on a school project
  • Why someone with lupus may be unable to participate in planned social or athletic activities during times of flare

   By understanding how lupus affects a person’s health and the limitations it may impose, you will be able to offer the right kind of help or support when it is most needed.