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Lupus: Unlocking a Mystery
Diagnosis Can Take Three to Five Years
Delayed Diagnosis Equals Poor Outcomes
Partnering for Better Diagnosis
Partnering for Better Treatment
Where to Find a Rheumatologist
The ABCs of Lupus Patient Care
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   Dear Colleagues:

   Welcome to DxLupus, a website conceptualized and developed as a unique resource for people with lupus and those who care for them.

   While many of the components of this website are directed at patients and those who love them, it has also been crafted with health professionals in mind. Because lupus is such a complex illness clinically, therapeutically, and pathogenetically, we have brought together the best and the brightest in lupus care and research to present their most up-to-date information in a manner that distills complicated information into an easily digestible format.

   It is vitally important that all involved in the lupus medical partnership, including the patient along with her primary-care physician and rheumatologist, are on the same page regarding key facts about this illness. DxLupus is meant to be a virtual catalyst that allows this to happen in a manner that is user-friendly to all.

   This website includes key information about lupus from patients themselves, streaming videos from world-class lupus clinicians and scientists, and an animation that presents the pathogenesis of lupus in an easy-to-understand format.

   This particular section was written for healthcare providers who would like to know more about lupus, its diagnosis, and its treatment. In the “Partnering for Better Diagnosis” and “Partnering for Better Treatment” sections, please choose your particular role to learn more about how you can help identify patients who may have lupus but have not been diagnosed, as well as how to partner with specialists in the treatment of a lupus patient in your care.

   We share with you a dedication to making the lives of people with lupus longer and better, and we do this through the dissemination of information that is both useful and available whenever you desire it.

Stephen A. Paget, MD
Medical Editor