Current Lupus Research
What's In This Section
Different Types of Medical Research
New Collaborations and Research
Future Therapies
Clinical Trials
Introduction: Sections coming soon.
  • What causes lupus?
  • How can we find new and safer treatments?
  • What will help us get new treatments to the marketplace?
  • How will lupus research improve the quality of life for people who have lupus?
  • Is there anything I can do to help?

   This section will offer interesting, easy-to-read information about the latest lupus research, including:

  • Articles written from interviews with top scientists about their work in lupus research today
  • A choice of two formats for reading articles: one written in simple words, the other written with more scientific terms and detail
  • Videos (and related text) of interviews with leading lupus research scientists

    You will be introduced to basic and clinical research with examples that explain what today’s top researchers are studying and how their research is funded. You will learn how translational research gathers ideas from basic research and translates them into possible new lupus therapies to be tested in clinical trials.

   You will learn about the obstacles that lupus drugs face in trying to gain approval and about several potential new therapies currently in lupus clinical drug trials. You will also learn about how these potential new therapies may work, if approved, to bring the lupus immune system back into balance.

   This section will also offer information to patients who may be interested in participating in different types of lupus clinical research, including clinical drug trials.

   You will be encouraged to know that lupus has become the focus of several energized collaborations between academic researchers, lupus advocacy groups, and government. Two of those collaborations are:

  • A Congressionally mandated Lupus Federal Working Group, established in 2003
  • The SLE Biomarkers Working Group, also established in 2003

   Together, these groups hope to bring new treatments and improvements to the lives of those who live with lupus.