Cultural Connections
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Lupus and My World
Lupus and Language
Lupus and My Healthcare
Introduction: Sections coming soon.

   This section hopes to inform lupus patients about how different communities and cultures hold and practice diverse beliefs about health.

    We realize that you are visiting us to learn more about lupus, but that you may not speak or read English. We suggest that you bring someone you trust with you to our website to help you understand the information provided here.

   In this section, you will find practical suggestions about:

  • Finding a physician who is sensitive to your needs
  • What to take with you on your visit to the doctor
  • Sample questions you may be asked at the doctor’s office
  • What to expect from the visit to your doctor
  • What to ask about your own health practices that have not been prescribed by a doctor

   We will also offer factual information about lupus and how lupus is treated.

   The goal of providing this information is to help build a greater degree of understanding, comfort, and trust between lupus patients and their doctors.

    The information provided in Cultural Connection is contributed by Laura Robbins, DSW.

    Dr. Robbins is the Vice President of Education and Academic Affairs at the Hospital for Special Surgery, and an Associate Scientist in the Research Division at the hospital. She is also an Associate Professor in the Health Services Program at Weill Medical College at Cornell University. Her research focuses on culturally determined health beliefs and behaviors that affect the use of health services.